Getting inked

3 Jan

I can’t draw, not for nothing. I wish I could. (For that matter sing, dance and play the guitar as well.) Fact is, when given a brush and paint; I would probably gawk at these two objects and freeze in fear. It doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this art form in all its nuances, and that of sound and movement too.

That’s why I use my body as a canvas, for others to ply their trade. No less than three times in the space of a couple of months. It’s not what you think, whatever you are thinking… Getting a tattoo may not sound like much, but considering that I was an ink virgin, it was a huge deal.

I’ve always wanted one. Why? I can’t say. There’s no specific reason, just always had this inclination that I’m supposed to get inked. You just know when you know when you know.

There are very specific whys and wherefores though for the tattoos on my body. It may not make sense to others. I can try and explain, but if I have to, you won’t get it, ever. And I’m not scared to show it. If you make the choice to go and sit in that chair, you shouldn’t be afraid to put the results on display, proudly.

Tattoo 1 – The Enso (circle) is a sacred Zen symbol, also called the Circle of Enlightenment and the Infinity Circle. It is a manifestation of the moment, a representation of our true and innermost self. And all we ever have, is this breath, in this moment, no matter what.



Tattoo 2 – Courtesy of Mr Bruce Springsteen and a life-changing trip to Ireland mid-2013. Also the title of his break-through album in 1975, it represents something profoundly personal – But I gotta find out how it feels, I want to know if love is wild, I want to know if love is real…



Tattoo 3 – What can I say? The Boss is to blame again. The soundtrack of my life, my musical guru – Well the night’s busting open, These two lanes will take us anywhere, We got one last chance to make it real, To trade in these wings on some wheels…



I have been inked three times. I’m not finished yet. So much inspiration, so little skin…



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