Bruce’s people

11 Jan

bruce's people

I’m The Boss and there are these people

He says with a chuckle

And they are

The heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-quaking

Booty-shaking, Viagra-taking, love-making, legendary E Street Band


He is The Big Man Clarence

He was too big to die


He is Phantom Dan

He had his Last Carnival


He is Little Stevie

Counsellor to Capo Springsteen


He is Mighty Max

Reigning on the raised platform


She is The Missus Patti

Firing up the boys club


He is a talent Garry

Mr Senior if you may


He is The Professor Roy

Always left of centre


He is The Great Nils

Double jointed if you may


He is Charlie G

The man after Phantom Dan


She is Sister Soozie

Fiddle friend forever


He is Ever(ett) so ready

Ask The Thin White Duke


He is The Little Big Man

Call me Jake C


He is Trumpeter Barry

Music’s who’s who


He is Clark G

Blowing his horn town-to-town


She is Miz C

Mega soul sister


He is Curtis C

All-round vocal master


He is The Kingfish

Another New Jersey man


He is Curt R

Always the brass man


He is The Nightwatchman

Playing with the Ghost of Tom Joad


She is Double MM

Rapping over Rocky Ground


It’s everything we have

It’s only rock and roll

It’s a magical and mystical ride up the hill

It’s a band of brothers and sisters



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