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Say it in 10: Dropped connection

29 Sep

On an electronic level, we are more connected than ever before and not a day goes by without some kind of new invention “that will take communication into the next stratosphere”, literally. However, somewhere along the line (no pun intended) we have lost the true human connection (again, no pun intended).

Case in point…

It is mid-morning on a Sunday and I’m sitting in a family restaurant, having a mocha-java with a chocolate-glazed donut on the side, waiting for my car to be washed across the road. A mother and her young son take the table next to me, their tray packed with a hamburger/fries/cold drink combo and a giant muffin and latte-something.

Apart from a “Be careful, don’t spill”, not a single word is uttered for the duration of the meal. ‘Son’ picks at the meal, if you can even call it that; ‘Mom’ only has eyes for one thing, the mobile phone that seems to be attached to her hands.

What, I ask you, could have been more important on this glorious sunny spring day that couldn’t have waited one more day? What was the I-have-to-do-it-now-it-is-a-life-and-death-situation that prevented two human beings, in this instance a parent and child, from looking each other in the eye and into the windows of the soul?

Let’s unplug and tune-in, to each other.