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Thirty Seconds To Mars: 23 November 2014 – Cape Town

26 Nov

30 seconds to mars_23 nov (8)


Music is magic. It doesn’t matter where it is brought to life, it doesn’t matter who emits the notes, it doesn’t matter if it is for one or thousands. What matters is that it is done with passion and persuasion, confidence and conviction. Because it is then and only then that one can truly experience the freedom it brings. And with it the believe that anything is possible, no dream unattainable…


Show it in 10: Splish, splash

4 Sep

All creatures wild and wonderful have taken to the splendid sunny spring weather here in Cape Town… Including olive thrush and co… Utter delight!


Show it in 10: 1 September 2014

1 Sep

Spring Day in Cape Town… So fortunate to have spent this day in one of the most beautiful spots on earth… Enjoy the views…

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