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Say it in 10: Always been here…

7 Oct


What else can you do but think outside the box, push the boundaries, step outside the comfort zone, take a leap of faith… Because that’s where the magic happens.

In between it’s a fine balancing act, walking on a tight rope, all it takes is one false step to tumble into the abyss. Once you are on the other side though, the view is simply spectacular.

It’s hard, relentless, day in and day out, nights too. There’s no reprieve for body, mind or soul. Tired, stripped to the bone, hanging on, taking one more step. Surely the road to nowhere must end somewhere?

Then you round the corner and a gust of wind hits you between the shoulder blades and you are lifted and propelled forward and suddenly you are flying and you are thinking ‘Where did that come from?’

And then there’s a whisper from somewhere deep inside: “Pssst, always been here…”





Say it in 10

7 Aug


I am a wordsmith.

The written and spoken word is how I earn a living, excuse me, trying to make a life. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Constructing something that is meaningful, hearing and seeing it come to life; it is music to my ears, literally.

Why do I feel though then that these days there are so much bla bla bla and jada jada jada?

Just letters and words (not all of them even real ones) tumbling out. We talk too much, write pages full of meaningless gibberish (this is a real one) and still say nothing at all. What has happened to the age old adage of ‘less is more’ and ‘say it like you mean it’?

So, today I am embarking on a quest to try and say it just right, in 10 – words, sentences, paragraphs, pictures. If I can’t urge someone to go and explore this wild and wonderful world, portray a moment in time or explain why I am a Bruce Springsteen adherent in 10, I shouldn’t. (See, I did it…)