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Say it in 10: Always been here…

7 Oct


What else can you do but think outside the box, push the boundaries, step outside the comfort zone, take a leap of faith… Because that’s where the magic happens.

In between it’s a fine balancing act, walking on a tight rope, all it takes is one false step to tumble into the abyss. Once you are on the other side though, the view is simply spectacular.

It’s hard, relentless, day in and day out, nights too. There’s no reprieve for body, mind or soul. Tired, stripped to the bone, hanging on, taking one more step. Surely the road to nowhere must end somewhere?

Then you round the corner and a gust of wind hits you between the shoulder blades and you are lifted and propelled forward and suddenly you are flying and you are thinking ‘Where did that come from?’

And then there’s a whisper from somewhere deep inside: “Pssst, always been here…”





I’m walking

9 Sep

my walk2

I unlock the security gate and open the sliding door. The  early morning air is cool, not cold, refreshing. I turn  around, close the security gate and shut the sliding door.  It is Monday morning and I’m walking.

I stroll till the end of the driveway and turn left into  Hanepoot Street. (For those not familiar with the name,  it’s a variety of grape.)

At the end of the road, I take a left. It seems to be the theme this morning, left and then left again.

It appears most people have left for work already; the streets are quiet on the first day of the week. I take a look down Barbarossa as I pass. Can’t say that it looks different than the last time, but also not that it looks the same. I ponder if the people who live on Barbarossa notice it too, or don’t notice it for that matter.

A block on, I take a left, again, into Hanepoot. It’s a circular road that swings all the way around and back to where I excited the driveway.

Hearing a couple of crows squawking above, my eyes follow them for a while against the crisp blue sky. Magical mist clouds cover the lower slopes of the mountains at the end of my field of view. I wonder what is hidden below.

I cross Barlinka and Tokay. The sound of a plane makes me look up this time. I hear it before I see it. I wonder where it’s off to.

At nr 18, construction services are offered, We take care of all your building needs. Two big green gates silently swing open at nr 40; the white reverse lights ignite on a vehicle.

A fellow morning walker approaches from the front, three dogs of varying size on some leashes. I wave good morning, she smiles.

After Alphonse and Isabella, I take a right, not a left, into Sultana, another variety of grape. The smell of freshly cut grass surrounds me. A vehicle with trailer and Garden Services painted on the side is parked at the curb.

A coral tree, covered in bright orange flowers, throws a shadow over the front lawn of nr 24. Two thick-knees (birds) cross the road. Spring is in the air.

Red and white danger tape and a lone orange traffic cone surround a hole in the pavement in front of nr 28. It appears a water pipe burst, maybe over the weekend; the municipality will probably send someone out later today.

The green portable toilet is still in front of nr 8. At least I assume its nr 8, there’s no sign, but 6 is the home/house before and 10 the one after. The owners are re-modelling. I wonder when they will be finished. They are moving ahead though, the walls are higher than last time.

I round the corner and take a left, again, back into Hanepoot, cross the road to the other side and back up the driveway.

I open the sliding door (it’s squeaking, needs some oil), unlock the security gate and check the time. It’s less than half an hour since I left. I thought I was away longer, it certainly felt like that.

I should have kept on walking…



Show it in 10: Splish, splash

4 Sep

All creatures wild and wonderful have taken to the splendid sunny spring weather here in Cape Town… Including olive thrush and co… Utter delight!