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Say it in 10: Springsteen Snapshots

20 Aug

I wrangle with words and string sentences together. Sometimes it’s pure pleasure, but occasionally a hands-in-hair, teeth-clenched affair.

The same goes for when I have a camera in hand, exploring foreign shores.

It is what feeds my inspired and imaginative mind however, and I wouldn’t want to deny the beast its bounty, would I?

It is also no secret that I derive nourishment in abundance from being a doting Bruce Springsteen devotee.

Springsteen’s magical musical making abilities have given life to countless characters and their stories, their sadness and hardships, their hopes and dreams. They have inhabited my life, sometimes prominent and at other times slow-dancing in the background, but always a presence.

This has led to the creation of Springsteen Snapshots. Combining The Boss’s ingenious way with words with snapshots from my earthly wanderings, I am bringing together two different, but allied worlds.

Therefore, and in no particular order, this is the first…

lost in the flood


Say it in 10

7 Aug


I am a wordsmith.

The written and spoken word is how I earn a living, excuse me, trying to make a life. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Constructing something that is meaningful, hearing and seeing it come to life; it is music to my ears, literally.

Why do I feel though then that these days there are so much bla bla bla and jada jada jada?

Just letters and words (not all of them even real ones) tumbling out. We talk too much, write pages full of meaningless gibberish (this is a real one) and still say nothing at all. What has happened to the age old adage of ‘less is more’ and ‘say it like you mean it’?

So, today I am embarking on a quest to try and say it just right, in 10 – words, sentences, paragraphs, pictures. If I can’t urge someone to go and explore this wild and wonderful world, portray a moment in time or explain why I am a Bruce Springsteen adherent in 10, I shouldn’t. (See, I did it…)